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Dog Training with London Borough of Bexley Licence:18/04324/ABHO

A little story

We train humans to understand their dogs, so they can live in mutual understanding and harmony. Nothing worse for a dog- when the owner who hasn't got a clue!

Some people often believe that their dogs only need to complete an initial Puppy 'socialization' course in order for their dog to be well trained, but this stage is just the beginning. 

Some- think that dog is born programmed and should know how to behave without any training. Yes, they do!

Some- tell their dog "watch and learn" and get mad when they don't!

I am very lucky to meet many dogs during and after training as most of them use our home boarding services, so I can see, what training works, what we need to improve or maybe change it. At the end of the course, we ask customers to give us their feedback and write a review to tell everyone why they enjoyed & loved our classes- and I am very glad to say that everybody has enjoyed our classes just the way they are. I also ask my customers to inform me, if there is anything that they may not like- so I can improve right away and make sure all my customers are happy

For me dog training it's not all just about sits, down, stay, roll over or have a robot dog.

I personally love dogs with character and a little bit of cheekiness- that makes training much more fun! It's about your relationship, connection, communication and understanding between you and your dog. Just like children between 1.5y- 3y, they can't explain to you what they want, so you have to understand and work out what they trying to tell you.

How do dogs think? How dogs seek attention? What are praise and punishment? How and when give them attention? How and when you need to be in control of your dog and why is your dog doing things they do? What is dominance? Why dogs aggressive on the lead? Why some dogs always on the lead? What kind of leads better? What treats is good to reward your dog? Why my dog is nipping and how to stop it? Is crate good for a dog? What is used for and how to train them to like it and enjoy it, how to use it correctly? There are so many things that we as owners need to know because if we don't, we will teach our dog's the wrong way and then you will pay a lot of money to fix it

When you finish our classes, you will be armed with lots of information for rest of your life to keep working and enjoy life with your dog. We will always be there for you if you ever need to ask a question, use our daycare or boarding or even just come for a dog walk with me

All we say is: be committed, work hard, keep calm, keep up the training and enjoy it!!!!!


Practice makes it Perfect!


We are proud of the fact that the majority of our customers come to us through recommendation, word of mouth from all happy customers who attended, still attending dog training classes, 1-21, boarding or daycare. All our customers leave our training happy and amazed how quickly and how well their dog learned and improved- they are more than happy to write their positive reviews all over the internet. Of course, I can't please everyone- no one can, so there may be someone who was unhappy, but if they haven't told us the problem, we could not fix it and change what we did wrong

Before opening our school, I wanted to do research of what dog owners like, love and also hate in training?

So, there I was enrolling to different schools, learning from different teachers, different approaches, different attitudes, listening to students who attended with us of what they like or dislike. My customer's opinion matters to me the most. Sometimes, I film myself running a class, just to make sure I am happy of how I do it.

We observed, listened and learned and when it was time to teach I knew how:
Nervous- of non-knowing what to expect from dog training,
Exited- to teach your new puppy/dog new tricks and watches him learn,
Scared- as you may have a bad experience before and not sure if it's a good decision to do it again,
Embarrassed- as your dog's behavior is very stressful and unwanted, and nobody wants to walk with you,
Last chance- you give your dog, as you just can't cope with naughty behavior, barking, not coming back and being dominant

Before starting teaching dogs and their owners:
I taught swimming children and adults from 2years- 70years. One, who never been in the water- and the one, who was petrified of water and refused to go anywhere near it and Children with learning difficulties

Worked as a management team- working with teenagers, with all teenager problems you could ever imagine, they could not tell anyone else, teaching how to do their job without being too harsh or too soft

With teaching skills I learned in my previous jobs, I could apply these teaching, observation, understanding techniques in teaching my dog owners and dogs

With management shills- I can manage big groups, deal quickly to find the best solution for the situation, so everyone in the class leaves happy.

Working with children- I know how quickly dogs and humans lose interest to do the same thing over and over again, my job is to keep classes interesting and entertaining, so everyone would like to come back for more and more training Working with adults and elderly- I have learned to have even more respect and even more patience, to listen and to do everything in my power to help people to have well-behaved dog and enjoy the rest of their lives together.

Seeing and knowing how all of my customers feel, we set our training classes accordingly to suit everybody.

So, look around, check out the training page, and our pictures and let us know what you think. For more pictures and real customer comments please visit our Facebook Page- Top Dog Training School, read their reviews

I can't wait to meet you all and know you will have a fantastic time at training
Remember- "A happy dog is a trained dog and one whose owners know what they doing"

About Us




Kevin, is my husband and he is a very big part of Top Dog. Without his support and patience over there would be no Top Dog. ​ Over the years Kevin has learned how to understand what you and your dog need He is the sensible, smart, funny and bit crazy one and dogs love his energy. 




Kayden was born into, and raised around many dogs, different breeds and sizes dogs and don't have a lot of interest in dogs. He is more than happy to be around them but that is it- unless, he likes a dog (never know what breed it may be)- then he wants to cuddle, otherwise ....

Bengy & Stanley


Bengy is nearly 12 years old and Stanley is nearly 1years old. These boys have very important job at Top Dog House. Bengy is the Boss and thanks to him, there is always calmness around him. Stanley is the playful one and all dogs love to have crazy run around with him.