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 on 19/2/19 I had surgery on my Throat to rule out throat cancer as I keep losing my voice, becomes very hoarse after the training day or even an conversation on the phone. Glad to say there is no cancer, but i still have to avoid using my voice!

Those who know me will tell you- it is the biggest punishment for me!!!

We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible!

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17 Holly Hill Road, Erith, Erith, DA8 1QA, United Kingdom

07766 563143


Please avoid sending messages before 7am or after 8.30pm as Family time is extremely important to me. 

With 4 training venues, Boarding and DayCare throughout the day and family- it does take us day or two to answer your messages. 

We can employ anyone to do it for us, as they do not know the business and if we have to train them first, it will take even longer to get back to you. Most of the emails has to be answered by me as it is related with training. 

I really hope you understand