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London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020

London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020

London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020

Home from Home

Additional Information

Dates available:

For the rest of 2019:
28/10- 7/12
19/12- 31/12

Available dates for 2020:

3/01- 19/08

30/8- 31/12

Please remember to check with us before you book your holiday to make sure we still have those spaces available.

All our half terms or any school holidays throughout the year gets booked up nearly a year in advance to make sure people get their space. So if you are looking to book any of the school holiday periods- start looking ASAP

Book your space now, not to get dissapointed



What is Dog Home Boarding?


Dog Home Boarding is when your dog goes to stay in someone else’s home, where your dog lives as part of the family, home from home experience with their own bed, food, toys and enjoys all the comforts of a home while you enjoy well-deserved break, relax with your family, business trip, work all day or decorating your house.


Top Dog Home Boarding- dog sitters has been looking after and training dogs for nearly 10 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. We welcome all sizes, ages and most of the breeds (excluding band breeds) to our family home, where your dog will be looked after and treated like one of our own.


We must meet all the dogs in our house before their stay. That way, your little or big one, can have a chance to get to know the house, our dogs and me, so when they come back for their stay - they feel more relaxed and less stressed.

In the meantime, we can have a chat with mummy and daddy to get some information about their four-legged baby and also ask questions about what and how we do it.


All dogs must complete a pre-stay meeting, so you and I are happy with the dog staying in my family home. All registration forms must be completed & sent back to us ASAP to make sure we have all information required by government. We take 25%Deposit to secure the booking.

Any information not provided or consent forms not signed may result in cancelling the stay  


All dogs stay downstairs in the open plan living room where we spend most of our time. Dogs love routine and our job is to provide as close to that routine as possible.

Every dog is different, 

Some, sleep in the crate as they do at home- we provide the crate, you just need to bring their bed . Some, sleep in their bed and some on the sofa, some on the floor- its up to them


Sometimes, for some dogs, first couple nights can be a little bit stressful as they have to sleep in a new place and left in the dark might cry or bark. To prevent stressful night, one of us sleep downstairs to keep them company and if we can see dog will be little stressed, we ask mummy or daddy to provide an item of clothing, so the dog can relax by having the home smell.

It takes up to 3 days sometimes for the dog to settle- 1 night trial would not show the real dog behaviour

 Our day starts early (7 am) with toilet run in the garden, following by breakfast where they all eat in the kitchen supervised by me and Kevin to make sure dogs don’t try to eat each other's food, as it can upset their tummies. If dog don't eat in a group, they may be fed on their own or in their crate, or outside wherever they feel safe. After breakfast, toilet again. After breakfast, we wait for all Day Dare & boarding drop offs and Then, we go out for a nice long walk with friends.


We use our local park located 2 minute walk from our house. Nice big field surrounded by woodland, where dogs nose enjoys million different smells, or chase a ball on the field. We love playing with our dogs while we out, just to make walks more fun. Training is also useful while on the walk, so we have a little practice.


Depending on the weather that day and how much energy dogs have, we stay outside while dogs get nice and tired. When home, everyone chooses a spot in the house where they will spend sleeping for a very long time.


Then is time for a walk around a block, dinner and relax for the evening and night.

We do not take:

Any aggressive behaviour showing dogs (fear, dominance)

All male dogs must be neutered after 6 months to prevent marking/scenting their territory in my family home  (depending on dog breed size) 

Girl's must be spayed as we had girl come to season and it was horrible on boy dogs.  

 So, if you are booking a holiday with Top Dog Boarding, please make sure you make 25% deposit to secure your place. You can make a bank transfer directly to Top Dog bank account ( details below). 

Unfortunately, some people do not realise that this is a full time job and cancellation is loss of income


Please put your dog's name & holiday month (at least the first half if it doesn't allow you many characters) as the reference.


Any booking that hasn't been secured- will be lost.


I am very very sorry for this rule, but I hope you understand. 

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 7am- 8.30pm


Saturday - Sunday 9am- 8pm


Over night stay:            £25 per night

Day Care:                       £22 per day

If you bring your dog example: Monday morning - Tuesday night you will be charged 1 day & 1 night.  

If your flight is early in the morning, we ask owners to bring dogs night before, so they don't have to rush around in the morning and still think about the dog.

If your flight is late, pick them up the next day. 

As everyone have neighbours, we must make sure we respect them and our dogs do not wake the street up with barking late at night. 


Spaces are very limited so book well in advance as regular customers book year ahead.


The dogs in the picture were not walked by me at the same time. Its only for the photo

The dogs in the picture were not walked by me at the same time. Its only for the photo