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Top Dog "Walkies"

Top Dog Walkies dog walker is a Dog Walking (groups & 1-2-1), Pet Feeding and Home Visit service to help relieve some pressure for all Mummy’s & Daddies that work long hours and come home tired and come back to an overly hyper dog when you just want to kick back and relax!


Many dogs, different dog breeds in the UK don’t go out or only get to use the garden to go toilet and it’s really unfair and can often lead to unwanted behaviours such as excessive barking and chewing!


To Some-dog walking its only a job


To Some-its only a means to money


To Some-dog walking means, taking a dog out and counting every minute


Top Dog “Walkies”- we actually love & enjoy our job


Top Dog understands, how sad your dog gets when you leave them. That they become bored and destructive if they have too much energy and how important a good walk it is. It’s not just a physical issue but also the need for mental stimulation. So a good sniff in the park will get their brain going- so when they come home, they can go back to sleep and wait happily for their parents to come home.


Some dogs - enjoy other dog company and would benefit from walking in the group while some dogs may be a little nervous, scared or aggressive and one on one attention would benefit them more...... It all depends on your dog and your preference!

We have the experience and knowledge to handle more than one dog at the time as I have learned while working in partnership with Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding for nearly 10 years providing owners with a wide range of services for their doggies