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Dog Training with London Borough of Bexley Licence:18/04324/ABHO


Puppy classes- Puppy Primary SChool:

  • Toilet training, crate training, biting, chewing,teething, jumping, separation, toys, treats
  • Name Response
  • Recall
  • Walking on lead
  • Stop, Walk & Stop
  • Play with toys
  • Sit, down, stand
  • Settle
  • Watch Me
  • Stay
  • Leave

 Bronze Class- Puppy Secondary School

  • Walking on the lead
  • Meet & Greet other dogs in the calm manner. 
  • Meet & Greet other dogs on lead
  • Walk past a dog without paying attention
  • In/out door politely
  • Collar on/off in controlled manner
  • Stay 1min up to 5-10 steps away
  • Harder "Leave" food on the floor
  • Recall from distance by sit and stay or by distraction

 Silver Class- Puppy College:

  • Start introduction walking off lead
  • Start using more hand signals for each command
  • Stay, facing to & away from the dog , while moving around- 2min 5-10steps away
  • Walk away from food on the floor - "leave"
  • Door in/out off lead
  • Introduction to going to bed
  • Walking with owner outside- street and curb control
  • Recall from sit and stay at the distance
  • Introducing Turns- front, heel, round
  • Introduction to separation/isolation- dog stay calm when owner in/out of sight

  Gold Class- Puppy University:

  • ​Walking off lead "heel"
  • Walking "heel" with changing speed
  • Walking off lead past other distractions (other dogs, humans, children, toys)
  • Walking heel past food
  • "Stay" 2-5min without changing position in & out of sight
  • "leave" walking to, past & over food on the floor
  • "recall" from distance to owners preferred side 
  • Go to "Bed" from distance 
  • Introduction to "stop"
  • Relaxed isolation in/out of sight

Platinum Class- Puppy Masters:

  • Walking "Heel" confidently with owner and around other distractions (food, toys, children, dogs) without any corrections
  • Combinations (off lead walk, stop, stay, down, recall to side- create your own routine
  • "stop" & "drop"
  • Bring a toy
  • Recall with Distractions (food, dogs, toys)
  • "Door" dog sit/down with open door while owner on the other side
  • "find"- you/toy hide from dog and get them to find you/toy

Courses Dates 2019

Course 4 June/July 19

Bexley:      11/6/19- 16/7/19
Dartford:    13/6/19- 18/7/19
Swanley:    16/6/19- 21/7/19

Course 5 Sep/Oct 19

Bexley:      3/9/19-8/10/19
Dartford:   5/9/19-10/10/19
Swanley:    8/9/19-13/10/19

Course 6 Nov/Dec 19

Bexley:      29/10/19- 3/12/19
Dartford:   31/10/19- 5/12/19
Swanley:    3/11/119- 8/12/19

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6-week group classes:

At Top Dog Training School
We train humans to understand their dogs, so they can live in mutual understanding and harmony. Nothing worse for a dog- when the owner who hasn't got a clue!

We run 6-week group courses at £75 per course and have the above levels to available for you and your puppy/dog to attend.

Some of you will only do a puppy class while

Others- will go to the end and its all up to you

We ask customers to bring suitable leads, tasty treats for dogs (feed only half of your dog's breakfast or dinner on the day of the training, so they not over-excited if they hungry or not motivated if they fed too much)


-Use those tasty treats for training only so your dog wants to work as they can get bored of the same thing over and over again. We usually use: chicken, cocktail sausages, cheese, ham or even puppy treats from the shop, just make sure your puppy really likes them

I always say to owners: if you go to work- you expect to get paid. If you do over time- you expect more money. If you get the same amount as if you do normal hours- you won't do over time. 

If you want your puppy to work hard and learn quickly- reward them with good pay- good tasty treats!

Please makes sure your dog is microchipped & wears an I.D tag (owners name, address, phone number- no dog name) as per British Law- you have to have both!


At Top Dog Training School you will get all the information you need to train your puppy or dog in a fun, enjoyable, positive, family-like environment. 

6 Week  group Training Courses:         £75
1-2-1 Training up to  2hours                 £80 

1-2-1 1hour:                                            £45

Socialisation 1h                                      £30

Recall upto 1.5h                                     £55

Payments we take:

Cash, Card & BACS
Lloyds Bank

Top Dog Training School & Home Boarding Ltd
Account No: 58111568
Sort code:  30-90-76

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Training Venues



Christ Church

The Broadway




Tuesday evening:

Puppy’s: 18.30- 19.15, 

Bronze:   19.30- 20.15 




Fleetdown Community Centre

Swaledale Road


 DA2 6JZ

Thursday evening:  

Puppy:       18.30- 19.15

Bronze:      19.30- 20.15pm

Silver / Gold: 20.30 - 21.15




White Oak Leisure Centre

Hilda May Avenue


Kent BR8 7BT

Sunday Morning

Puppies:    10.00am- 10.45am 

Bronze:      11.00 am- 11.45 am

Silver/Gold:12.00pm- 12.45pm