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London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020

London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020

London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020London Borough of Bexley Licence18/04324/ABHO Top 3 business in London 2020

What is Day Care?


Top Dog Training School opened DayCare service only few years ago now, after many enquiries from owners,  who already were using our dog boarding or training services. 

Their were concerned that when they go to work, their dogs are left on their own for long hours lonely, bored, stressed and started showing unwanted behaviours - destructive, barking or howling all day and neighbours complaining, started having toilet accidents at home. Even with dog walker coming to break their day, they felt sorry for them

As we were already looking after dogs while owners go on holiday, we decided to open our day care for those who has to work long , but still wants to own a dog. Going on a family day out, but dogs not allowed. Visiting friend/family, but can only spend couple hours there as they need to go back for a dog

Top dog Daycare works just like nursery. You bring your puppy/dog in the morning, go to work or  do what you have to do all day and pick your dog in the evening. 

Are you working long hours? 

Are you out all day?

Are you tired and just need some space from demanding pups/dogs?

Do you have builders in?

Maybe you have guests coming over that not keen of the dogs?

Thats ok! Dog Day Care was created to help you all out. 

Before we allow any dogs to come to our house:​

a) all male or female dogs have to be friendly and well socialised with other dogs

b) has never shown any aggression towards adult, child or another dog

c) All male dogs must be neutered (at age depending dogs breed as if they mark the territory, they won't be welcome back)

d) All girl dogs have to be spayed. We had couple female dogs come to season 2 days after coming to stay with us, even owners told us it not due for another couple months. The whole house becomes very upset and the female dog has to be removed from the house for emergency contact to collect her. 

e) We have to meet all the dogs and owners to make sure that we are happy with dogs behaviour, dog is happy with the environment he will be coming to stay. And the most important - owner/mummy happy for her fur baby to stay with us. 

f) All dogs has to be up to date with all their vaccinations and we must see it and have a copy of it including kennel cough (dog flu jab) 

​H) All dogs have to be microchipped and must have Identification tag on their collar at all times. 

Top Dog Home Boarding and Day Care is very proud how far we achieved since the day we opened. We have amazing customer base, that means we never quiet. 

When a new dog comes to the house first, all our dogs go to the kitchen behind big dog gate, so they can see you, but they can't greet you, as that can be very upsetting to a puppy. We let the puppy settle in and we will let our own dogs introducing them first. Benjy 11.5years old Golden Retriever - he is very independent and really greets anyone now. Then is Kaya- malamute cross rottie- big girl, 10months now (spayed) loves kissing everyone with her massive tung. And also little Stanley who is currently 10weeks old golden retriever too. 

Your dog will make friends just like children make friends in nursery. Some may take 2 min, some it will take 2 days, but they get there. We always home to measure them, to give them snuggles on the sofa (if they leave any space for us) 

They all go toilet first when they come in (sometimes when you stressed you want to go toilet, but dog doesn't know where he should go and he is busting...... and accident may happen. 

After all dogs arrived, we pack a rucksack with 5ltr bottle of water, water bowl, 10meter lines for training, bolls for dogs to chase them and lots and lots of poo bags to keep the park safe and clean. Then we go out. If the pups start pulling we will work our hardest to help you with that. 

On their walk, we meet up with a group of beautiful ladies. Three of us do boarding, i do training, another lady trained dog first aid and got diploma in dog law too- but also local community too.

I have created this group 11 years ago and its been so many change of people. 

Our walks vary from 45min - 2hours, depending on dog energy levels, weather and dog breeds. We love our local Franks Park, it is simply the best dog owners community who look out for each other. 

After a walk, dog normally coach out until 4pm as they know dinner is coming in couple hours and then they play in the garden or whatever they want to do until parents coming to pick them up.

We take photos during the day of dogs walking in the park, doing cute things or just being cute and we post them on Facebook, so you can see what your pooches been up to during the day. BUT, please don't think, we walk around with camera constantly, so there will be days we may not taken any.  

Facebook group: Top Dog Home Boarding Group

I hope this made a little clearer of what day dare is about. 

Opening hours:

Mon- Fri: 7am- 20.00pm

Weekend: 7.30am- 20.00pm



Over night stay:            £25 per night

Day Care:                       £22 per day


If you bring your dog example: Monday morning - Tuesday night you will be charged 1 day & 1 night.  


We are one of many who do not charge for lateness, but we ask all customers to respect us and if you see you be late, talk to us, so we know what